ANST-Announce - New Star Signet!

Lee Lemons lalemons at
Thu Aug 31 17:43:36 PDT 2000

Unto the gentles of Ansteorra does Curstaidh Magorlick, Star Signet,
send greetings!

Having thoroughly enjoyed my tenure as Star Signet, I must now announce
that the time has come to pass "the brush" on to another!  I would like
to thank all the wonderful people who have helped me physically and
mentally handle this position by carrying, setting up, and putting away
scribal materials, giving food and encouragement, and plying me with
dark chocolate to keep me going!  I have met absolutely wonderful
scribes, new and experienced, and have learned so much from so many.
I'll never be able to relate or repay, in any way, my feelings of
gratitude to all of those wonderful gentles who have made the past
couple of years a wondrous and super journey for me.  All I can say is
"Thank You" and hope you understand the deep and most sincere manner in
which it is felt.

I now have the honor and genuine pleasure to announce that HE Sara
Penrose will be taking over as Star Signet, Protonotary of the College
of Scribes and Illuminors, effective September 1st.  A well known member
of the scribal community, as well as of Ansteorra, she brings great
knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to this position!  I know she will
be warmly welcomed and given just as much help, care, encouragement, and
chocolate as I!  : )

Always in service to the Kingdom and the Dream,

Curstaidh Magorlick

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