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    Hello all,
        Did you all know that Ms. Laura A. McFall is making a small video about Vikings and has asked many members to help out. She would like some of us to wear our armor and be part of a Viking hoard. In the last message that I read about it she stated that she would like to film it on Dec.10.    and would be at the populace meeting this Thursday at the fire house # 2 next to Taco Bell across the street from the Josey Boy Scout lodge.
                        If any one is interested in helping out please attend the populace and see if she can use you. I'm sure she will need some people with out armor and village type people. 
            This sounds like allot of fun. and its on Sunday the 10 of Dec.
    Laura's e-mail address is:
                                                valkyrie at houston.rr.com
                      Love to all.
                                                                Brian   :o)
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