RF - Fwd: ANST-Announce - Estrella 17 Children's Center Wall-A Final Request

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Thu Dec 7 08:07:54 PST 2000

Here it is guys... The way to help AND educate the next generation:

>Greetings to all and sundry, from the Estrella War XVII Children’s
>This will be my final plea to beg a boon from as many Kingdoms,
>Baronies, Cantons, Shires, and others who will be participating in the
>2001 Estrella War festivities, especially those that are supportive of
>youth issues.  Next year the Children’s Center will be bigger and better 
>than ever, and is planning attendance, over four days, to be well over 300.
>With such a large expectation, I’d like to do something a little
>different and actually surround the Children’s Center Complex with a
>physical barrier to delineate our space, and draw attention to our
>This being said, I need to construct a perimeter “fence” of sorts which can 
>be made, hauled, set-up, and used again, while keeping my small allocation 
>of funds in check.  Further, the size of the Estrella War Children’s Center 
>is approximately 8000 square feet, so this is also a factor in my plans.
>What I propose to do is ask anyone who can make a commitment of
>procuring 10 foot long by 35 inch high light weight material, such as
>muslin, and decorate it in any way that is pleasing to the group, to be 
>donated to my office before January 15, 2001.  The idea here is to get as 
>many groups who can accomplish such a task to involve the youth in their 
>area in the designing and decorating of their piece of the wall.
>When completed, I hope it will be something akin to a glorious tapestry.
>Some suggested designs could include the following:
>Latin phrases, mythological creatures, medieval themed scenes, heraldic 
>devices, etc. . .
>If you feel you, and the members in your groups, can make such a
>commitment, please contact me before December 15, 2000 to discuss the
>Offered in humble service, I am,
>Lady Sorcha ni Dhonnghaile
>Atenveldt Kingdom Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences for Youth Issues
>Estrella War Children’s Steward
>480) 844-3882 – Home (before 9:00 pm)
>wren at mail.mc.maricopa.edu – E-mail
>Visit the Estrella War Website at www.estrellawar.net for more
>information regarding the activities that will be offered

Would you like to help?
How about drawing a raven.
It does not matter what style, what size, what medium you are most 
comfortable with.  We can take all of them, scan them, and then arrange the 
little boogers on a wall and project the whole conspiracy/unkindness/flock 
onto fabric so that we can paint it...  Sounds to me like a lot of fun.  But 
we only have a very little time left...
So, who's game?
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