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Deadline January 1, if the rooms last that long
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Subject: WR - Hotel Block for Coronation...

>Greetings Your Majesties, Your Highnesses, and the
>Western Region:
>I was asked to secure a block of rooms in Ennis for
>Coronation, and this is what I have been able to
>negotiate. I will be posting this information to the
>Ansteorran list on Saturday evening or Sunday morning,
>so if you want to make sure you have a room, call
>Ok, here's the deal:
>Quality Inn
>I have blocked 50 rooms (they only have 65, so if we
>go over, it will have to be at another hotel). Each
>room is $49+tax per night for 2 adults. For each
>additional adult, it will go up another $5 (still a
>good price). The hotel is in a good location (about a
>mile from Sokol Hall and just off I-45) It has a
>continental breakfast, and a hot tub. I have also
>secured the meeting room for Saturday night (for free)
>which attaches to the cocktail lounge. Because the
>hotel has its own bar, you cannot bring your own
>alcohol into the meeting room, but they will be happy
>to sell it to you at the hotel. A couple of people
>have already booked rooms in the block. All you need
>to do is call and tell them that you are with the SCA,
>and they will give you the special rate. If you have
>any problems, ask for Bryan. He's the manager, and he
>has been extremely helpful.
>If I have left out any important information, email me
>and ask me. I probably know it and just forgot to
>include it in this post.
>Cahira of Bonwicke
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