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Mikaela De Sevilla MikaelaOfWestgate at
Tue Dec 19 22:02:49 PST 2000

Greetings all in Ansteorra, Your Majesties, Your Highnesses, (bowing);

I have made it to Lochac (pronounced Low-hawk) safely to the barony of
Stormhold.  Everything is as well as can be expected.
My lord James sends his greetings to all.  There are a few names he would
like to mention but sends greetings to all he knows not just these few.  An
australian howdy and g'day goes out to HE Brian du Val and his page Alek,
(forgetting their names Aleks family who was so gracious to him) the
Baroness Hillary, Lady Maureen and her Lord Malachi, Lord Bowen, Lord Ihone
and Lady Ebhilin ( SP?), and Your Royal Majesty Allyson (for everything you
have done and been to our family.)
I myself am a little loneyly here.  My Barony only holds an event once if
maybe twice monthly.  Unfortunately due to the moving process I have lost a
few things, like my bow for one and a belt I made.  I am trying to find out
where I can replace the bow and get some wool to spin.  It is hard because
the different guilds only meet once monthly.  I'm resourceful though and
will figure something out.
The plans for the wedding have started and soon so we will be making the
I haven't found the local mead brewers so I need someone from home to
contact me.  (Eadric?  I need to know how to brew stuff and knowledge from
the masters.  "We gotta make some tasty grog" James says.)
I invite everyone who knew us (you have all touched our lives) to come to
the wedding.  The only catch is affording to get here, ceremony in Brighton
and reception in Edithvale, just outside of Melbourne Victoria. Southern tip
of Australia.  If you think you might actually come or want to and need more
info contact me.

I miss you all my family and my support.
I will forever be Ansteorrean.

Love and best wishes to all,
Mikalea de Sevilla
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