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Wed Dec 27 09:24:50 PST 2000

Greetings from the Co-autocrat of the Raven's Fort Yule Revel at the

First let me say that I am having a terrible time with my email.  I can
from time to time log on and send mail, but getting mail is a long shot
at best AT THIS ADDRESS.  If you need to email me for questions or
harassment you can mail me at utopiablue at hotmail.com.  Sorry for the

The Yule Revel will feature a Saturday evening pot luck feast.  Please
wow us with your best dishes.  I will be bring a double helping of my
specialty, Spinach Madeline (with parsley stems substituted for celery
seed for Gwynn's sake).  For those of you that turn your nose up at
spinach, try this.  You may change your mind. Other main dishes consist
of Smoked Salmon Canapes, Boeuf Bourguignon with rice, Morrocan turkey,
Galette des Rois and a fine dessert from Ldy Olivia.  Again, bring your
best and shine.

After feast we will be Rolling Bones for Treasure.  If you would like to
participate in this gift exchange, please bring a wrapped gift.  You may
spend as much as you like on the item, but please do not spend less than
five dollars.
-The rules for Rolling Bones are as follows.
-All of the gifts are placed in the middle of a circle.
-I start the game by rolling two dice to determine how many rounds there
will be. (2 to 12)
-The person next to me then rolls.  If they get an odd number then they
pick a gift out of the center of the pile and open it.  If they get an
even number they are not allowed to pick and it is the next persons
-If the next person rolls an odd they can pick out of the pile of gifts
or steal what the other person pulled.  If they get an even number they
are not allowed to pick and it is the next persons turn.
-At the end of the first round everyone that does not have a gift will
pick one in turn.
-The game will continue to the end of the predetermined number of
rounds.  Each person that rolls even is skipped.  Each person that rolls
odd has the choice of stealing from someone else or keeping what they
have.  There is no limit to the number of times a gift can be stolen.
You must stay in the game till the end.
-After the first game anyone that wishes to throw their gift back into
the circle for a second game is welcome to.  If you are happy with what
you came out with the first time there is no need to play again.
It is a cut throat game and lots of fun.

Other than Feast and Bones there are no activities planned.  The
functional phrase for the weekend is "laid back".  There is plenty of
room outside for fighting or almost any other activity.  We will have a
fire going out near the pond full time.  Inside there will be lots of
table space for games or projects.  There is a fireplace, a pool table
and lots of couches if you just want to sit and talk.

Sleeping over should not be a problem.  There are 4 singles, two doubles
and one king size bed.  I STRONGLY recommend that you bring your own
sheets and pillows if you plan on using one of the beds.  There are also
a half dozen couches downstairs and floor space everywhere.  Outside
there is plenty of room for tents and RVs.

The Pondhouse is a large house with many bedrooms, a kitchen and a long
main room with a loft sheltered in privacy by a mini forest.  The gate
should be unlocked at noon or slightly before on Saturday, December
30th.  The gate will be locked in the early afternoon on Sunday,
December 31st.  There is no site fee or feast fee other than a pot luck

How the heck do I get there you may wonder.  Well, I'll tell ya.
-Take I-45 North or South to the Loop 336 North (not South) exit and
turn east.
-Continue east on Loop 336 past Fraizer Street (Hwy 75), over the
overpass, past the blinking light at firehouse #2 and past the Texaco
-Turn left on 1484 (Airport Rd.)
-Continue on 1484 past 3038 and past the blinking light at the airport.
-To your left will be the Montgomery County Fair Grounds.  You can not
help but notice the tall chain-link fence surrounding the entire place.
-Immediately at the end of the chain-link fence turn left.  This road
does not have a name, but it does have telephone poles running right
down the center of the black top.
-The road will soon turn to dirt.  Continue till you see a trailerhouse
(moblehome) on your right.
-Immediately past the trailerhouse turn right and you are at the
-The Pondhouse phone number is 936-539-4902.  Do not make long distance
calls from this phone.

If you need to know anything else you can contact either Gwynn the
Lizard Keeper at 936-291-0734 or me, Marius at 281-367-3409.  Please
come join our fun.

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