ANST-Announce - Artists & Heraldic Challenge - Take II

Aslyn aslyn2 at
Tue Jun 6 11:13:57 PDT 2000

Well.....they don't call this Mission "Difficult", folks.......

First, let me say to the Heralds of Ansteorra - you rock!  Not only do we
have a beautiful full achievement for our Kingdom, but when I put out the
plea for help, you guys came to my rescue (and quite eloquently, I might
add).  Many, many thanks.

Now then....I've just received official word that The Kingdom of Calontir
does not have a full achievement.  I really need manteling for the Calontir
Device (or some direction in feather contrast selection and helmet
selection)...and...I need it......rather quickly.  :)  Dream scenario:  that
someone could tweak the Calontir device into a close approximation of proper
manteling and put it in a jpeg format....  :)

I know...I'm asking for a'd really be doing a service for
the Kingdom...  :)

The Tornado Scribe

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