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>Nuala said:
>'Please provide additional information on this Symposium.  Cost and
> accommodations would be helpful as would a class list and availability of
> same. '

If you have website access you can check the website for expanded event
at :

Knowne World Heraldic Symposium event annoucement is in the Black Star.
Date of the event is June 23-25th, Site at: in Houston Texas, at Rice
University, Baker College dorms
Costs:    The event cost is $15.
     Dorms are $16 per night (Fri and Sat), $5. for linen rental if wanted.
     Meals by University catering:  Breakfast  $5.25 , lunch $6.25,  Friday
dinner $8.00 and Sat feast $10.
Site opens Friday noon, closes Sunday 3pm.

Thirty classes with teachers from 7 different kingdom.
Class list:
Germanic Armory
Roll of Arms - a picture is worth a thousand words
Augmentation of Arms, Historical and SCA
Basic Heraldic Design
Polish Heraldic Style (or its not as Scary as you think!)
Period Coronets for Earls

Ask Laurel Queen of Arms
Reorganized Ansteorran College of Heralds
Running a Large Submission Table, or How to Prepare for a Train Wreck
Precedence Round Table
Being a Group Herald

Spanish Names
Medieval French Locative Bynames
Naming Practices in 16th C. Gloucestershire
Period Russian Names
Russian for Court Heralds
Period Naming Practices of the Mongolians
Scottish Border Names 1500-1600

Learning to Write your Name in Arabic
Arabic to English
Intro to Medieval and Renaissance Legal Documents or Period Scrolls
Intro to Knotwork

Drawing Period Devices
Byzantine Manuscripts
Mughal Miniatures
Gold Leaf Techniques
Pigments for Medieval and Renaissance Calligraphy and Illumination
Trompe o'le - the art of fooling the eye
Getting started with Period Pigments.

Hope that answers your questions.  Hillary

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