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Paul Gilbert niklas at wt.net
Mon Jun 12 13:50:06 PDT 2000


Wish I could come....

I will be at Eldern Hills with the Crown and CP.

Hope it goes good, maybe do it again later.


At 03:38 PM 6/12/00 -0500, you wrote:
>This is a reprint, just to be sure anyone interested is aware.  Those
>who have already contacted me do not need to reconfirm.  -Jacinth :)
>---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
>Unto any interested:
>We are organizing a class for soapmaking on June 24 (a Saturday
>If you would like to participate, please contact me to reserve a space.
>We need a head count to make sure we have enough room for everyone.
>When you let me know you are coming, I will give you directions.
>Needed materials:
>1.  You
>2.  A 2qt plastic casserole-type container (lid optional) to hold your
>soap while it sets up.  The idea is to have a shallow container so you
>can easily cut up your soap into blocks after it sets.
>3.  $5 for materials (provided for your convenience).
>4.  (Optional) If you would like your soap scented, we recommend you go
>to http://www.sweetcakes.com/ to purchase it.  A 2oz bottle is more
>than enough for one batch, depending on how strong you like it.  This
>company is reputable, and sells good products at a reasonable price.
>If you have any questions or want to sign up, please email me directly
>(rather than reply to the list) at jacinth at ev1.net.
>Best wishes!

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