RF - At Kingdom Warlord...

eric fox erkfox at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 12 17:01:43 PDT 2000

>Just wanted ya'll to know that one of "Raven's Forts" own
>and friend to the Amazons...Hunaric was one of the 5 finalists
>for Kingdom Warlord

Yes sir, Vivat to my Cadhla brother Hunaric on a good showing at Warlord. He 
has made us proud. A great time was had by all. Our brothers and sisters of 
Thunder also made a good showing in the baronial champions tourney.

I must say tho the Knowne World Wrestling Federation matches at midnight 
were a sight to see. HRH Timotheous picked the bouts and all hell broke 
loose.hehe. An especially hardy vivat to all the poor souls that had to 
wrestle Sir Wilhelm, and lived to tell about it.


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