RF - tablet/inkle weaving?

Paul Gilbert niklas at wt.net
Wed Jun 14 05:30:23 PDT 2000



Your Friendly Neighborhood Seneschal Type.......<grin>

At 11:35 PM 6/13/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Jacinth wrote:
>>What kind of A&S is going on out there?
>Well, mostly preparations for Coronation.  Let's see, we have:
>Painting the invitations.  Call HE Chrystal.
>Assembling Site tokens.  Call HE Chrystal.
>Cooking Feast.  Call me at the Keep.
>Engraving/etching feast tokens.  Call me at the Keep.
>Aside from Coronation I hear that there is a wonderfull soap making class 
>about to happen...  Call Jacynth!
>Kale(sp???)our new Ravenskald is about to start to type of regular Bardic 
>meetings.  Call Kale or Ldy Kezia
>And I think that's about it for the month!
>Hope this helps.
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