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Unto the good gentles of the Society,
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In Service

"vigil intra somnium"

Unto the kind gentles of the Known World, Mistress Elspeth von Bremen, sends 
greetings.  I have the honor of being the Chirurgeon is Charge of 
Administration for the Estrella War in February 2001.  In an effort to make 
volunteering at Chirurgeons Point and on the field a more pleasurable 
experience I am sponsoring several fund raising projects.  I am also hoping 
to enlist your assistance in acquiring some items for our hard working 
chirurgeons.  Several ideas were given to me for this next war.  The first 
of which was having a group, household, barony, kingdom, or somebody provide 
dinner for the evening shift at the Point.  A different group could sponsor 
each evening.  The normal shift mans four to five people.  It was also 
suggested that a cooler of drinks specifically for the chirurgeons would be 
nice.  Perhaps a different group could fill the cooler each day with ice and 
drinks.  A large cooler of ice for the treatment of injuries would cut down 
the cost of chemical cold packs dramatically.  If these coolers or a 
electric chest freezer could be donated or lent to the Point, that would be 
wonderful.  The candy jar I had out last war was a big hit.  Perhaps someone 
would like to sponsor that small project.  The lemon drops that were so 
diligently bargained for last war will be provided.  One of our most 
dedicated chirurgeons was quite miffed there were no lemon drops in the jar. 
  For those chirurgeons reading this, the idea has been approved by the 
autocrats that any chirurgeons who volunteer ten hours or more will be 
allowed to use the “real” showers.  Plus we are working on getting EMS on 
site for the big battles, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

My first fund raising project will be at the Barony of Twin Moons in 
Atenveldt.  I have been given permission to have a silent auction at their 
spotlight event, The Mid-East Feast.  Anyone who would like to donate 
something to the auction can contact me.  I hope this event will raise funds 
for supplies and amenities for the Chirurgeonate at the War.  Please come 
and support your chirurgeons.

In Service and With Heartfelt Thanks,
Mistress Elspeth von Bremen, OP
CIC Administration, Estrella War
Anne Gustafson
860 North McQueen Road #1156
Chandler, Arizona  85225
Home:  480-782-1680 (no calls after 9PM)
Work:  480-425-3603
gustafso at
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