RF - Officer's Reports and Quoth Submissions

Carla Southern clarissima at excite.com
Thu Jun 15 07:13:05 PDT 2000


This is a friendly reminder regarding officer's reports.  Starting with the
July Quoth, any officer's reports not submitted buy the Friday morning after
officers will not be printed.  All July Quoths will be mailed, so please
look for those around the last week in June.  I will not be at the July
populace meeting, I have a wedding to attend and will be on vacation.  If
you have anything to submit to me, Hrafna or jean-michel will make sure I
receive it.  Remember, October is Viking month!  So any submissions will be
greatly appreciated.

Those of you attending Kings College, please bring back as many handouts as
you can for me, I would like to print any that I can in the Quoth, so a
packet with all of them would be great.  Thanks in advance.


The true test of character is...how we behave when we don't know what to do.
John Holt

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