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This is the updated list as I have it so far.
Again if thier is a ** By your name I already
Have your Biorophy information.

INformation we are looking for from each bard
that wishes to Be represented in the Gallery is

1. Group the Bard is from
2. Persona Biogrphy and acolates in the Performing and Bardic Arts
3. Pic of Self in garb and divice if one is registered so thier is a face to
go with a name
4. A body of original works to be displayed to showcase your talent (Note:
Storage space is NOT repeat NOT Limited)
5. A desision if the works are to posted only for display or to be included
in a Knowne world Bardic Book
6. Contact information id you want to Provide it or we can add a guest book
to your individual page.
Area 3. Kingdom Histories A section devoted to the histories of the kingdoms
and groups thought the known world. histories of the various wars. these
histories can be a valuable too for new up and coming bards to compose new
pieces about our societies rich history. as well as preserve that history

** Also Looking for Listings of Title bards from Various Groups and

Ie.  Title Bards for the Shire of (name of Group, Kingdom)
       List of Titled Bards ( Bards that have wone  a competion to represent
the group)

Some good news about this project. due to arangements
that have been space is not a problem.
we will have what we need and more to come. When the new site
is released there will no longer be those anoying ad banners.
and we should have a Domaine all to our selves. Space has been
volenteered on a private server for this project :-)

Oh BTW I've recived information form many Bards in trimaris For thier
Kingdom's info
Though you might want to know.

As usual and corrections additions or removals contact me at
ldy_Simone at

**  Viscount Galen of Bristol Baron Of Elfsea
    Duke Johnathan De Lauffyson of the Barony of Elfsea
    Duchess Willow De Wisp of the Barony of Elfsea
    Duchess Sigliende (SP?) Of the Baron Of Stargate
    Countess Rebecca (SP?) of the barony of Strgate
    Count Finn Kelly O'Donnell of the Barony of Weisenfoyer
    Don Llywellen Gruffydd of the Barony Of Elfsea
    Mistress Xene Theanous (SP?)of the Barony Of Elfsea
    Mistress Jalali of Salamis
    Master Ulf Gunnerson Baron of Namron
    Baron Aethelstine Aethelmereson of the Barony of Namron(SP?)
    Master Lucais is Lucais Du Bellier (SP?)
    Don Robin of Gilwell of the Barony of the Steppes
    Meister Modius von Mergentheim of The Barony of Stargate
    Mistress Rosalynn De Anglitaire (SP?) of the Barony of Weisenfoyer
    Master Pippin (SP?)
    Master Avitar (Sp?)
    Baron Michael Silverhand Baron of Stargate
    Sir Emrys Shaunnon Baron of Bjornsborg
    Mistress Catrin ferch Gwilym O Gonwy of the Barony of NorthKeep
    Master Cedric Fithelere of The barony of Bjornsburg
    HLy Mara of Rede of the Barony of Elfsea
**  HL Darious Of the Bells of the Barony of Elfsea
**  HL Fionnagan Dubh of the Barony of Namron
    HL (wormy) William Nabal
**  HL Robert Fitzmorgan Of The Barony Of NorthKeep
    HL Ihon Vinson Macfergus of The Barony of Stargate
    HLy Rhiannon Redwolf of the Shire of Mooneshadowe
    HL Giovanni (SP?) (from the Steppes)
    HL Gerald of Stargate
    Lady Celeste Alinor Courtenay de Montmorency of the Barony of the Eldern
**  Ld. Cianan O'Domhnaill of North Edge of The barony Of Eldren Hills
**  Ldy Bridget O'Shaynesey of the Barony of Elfsea
    Lady Nicolette de Loria of the Barony Of Elfsea
    Ld Charles MacKinnon of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad
**  Ldy Simone Maurian Ui'Dunlainghe of the Barony Of Elfsea
    Ly. Isabela del Bosque Baony of Northkeep
    Ld Phillip White of the Barony of Elfsea
    Ld Timothy of Glatsonbury of The Barony of Elfsea
    Ld Antigonus Bearbait (SP?) of The Barony of Elfsea
    Ld Amra (SP?)of the barony of the Steppes
    Ld Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain  of the Canton of Loch Raudh, Elfsea
    Lady Maria da Firenze of the Canton of Gate's Edge, Stargate
    Ldy Elenor O'Ruark
    Ldy Bella O' Rourke
    Ld Gurin Koko Nidu
    Ldy Toinette de Cambrai
    Ldy Mirella de Bastianni of The Barony of Stargate
    Ldy Morganna Ahazared of the Canton of Westgate, Stargate
    Ld. Helgi Olavsson of the Shire of Seawinds
    Ldy Aerin of Adlersruhe
    Pebyr Ap Cucorin of Bjornsborg(Pubear)
    Afrena Ui'Dunlainghe of The Barony Of Elfsea
    Gavvin Quinn of The Barony of Elfsea
    Senán Mac Tighearnain of the Canton Of Dragonsfire Tor, Elfsea

So Far 56 Bards...WOW I'm Looking forward
to Building a whole bunch of pages....So get me the information.
so I can put content on you page.

In Loving Service
Lady Simone
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