RF - Coronation Merchants

AMH/DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 20 04:10:32 PDT 2000

Regarding Merchants at Coronation

Due to other mundane activities taking place on site at Coronation the
number of SCA merchants will be severely restricted.  Only 10 merchants
will be allowed to set up on eight foot folding tables.  No close racks
or other free standing displays may be used.  If it won't fit on the
table tops, don't bring it.  No merchants will be allowed to set up
outside.  No exceptions.

Only articles that are relevant to the SCA time line will be allowed.
This means no neo-religious or fantasy books, no fantasy weapons or
games and no garage sale items.  No exceptions.

Reservations are on a first come, first served bases.  If you know
someone that does not have email and might be interested, I strongly
suggest you call them asap.  Again, only ten tables are available.  If
you do not feel your wares will fill the space you might consider
sharing under one reserved name.  A waiting list will be generated for
the slow to act.  If you have a reservation and find you need to cancel,

please do so as soon as possible as a courtesy to the people on the
waiting list.

Reservations can be made ONLY through
Lord Marius Atreidae, aka Douglas B. LeJeune
orthart at earthlink.net
Please include your mundane and SCA names, phone number and email
address.  All confirmed and waiting list reservations will be answered.
Thank you for your time and effort.


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