RF - Thank you all

David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Wed Mar 1 06:10:48 PST 2000

AMH/DBLJ wrote:

> >From the Autocrat of Black, White and Sort of Gray  X
> The last thing I will ask you to do for this event is to utilize the
> research that I have done and read the review that was printed in the
> Quoth.  It is long, but we are a research organization so it is what we
> are all about.  I have attended Carnival in Louisiana all my life and
> Baroness Gwynn the Lizard Keeper is from France itself, but we were both
> surprised by some of the bizarre customs of our ancestors.

That little article thing was jus so good!  Why don't you submit it to
Tournaments Illuminated?  Might as well, there's jus all kinds of bitches
out there who might wanna read it.


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