[RF - Herald Meeting]

David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Tue Mar 7 07:36:06 PST 2000

Hey Wes,

You might wanna try to catch Ramage.  He's not online, but he'd likely attend.


Wesley Gilbert wrote:

> Hello Populace,
> This is your local herald reminding all of you to come to the heraldic meeting
> on the 8th Wednesday from 7 to 9 pm. We will meet at the lounge in the front
> of the SHSU library. Anyone interested in the herald field or names and
> devices is welcome to attend. Anyone who is willing to come and share their
> knowledge is also welcome. I will have forms if needed.
> In service to the Barony and the Dream
>        Lord Arturus Gallenious Tiberious
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