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Carla Southern/Clarissima di Niccolucci c_d_nich at excite.com
Fri Mar 10 08:04:47 PST 2000

I thought everyone would like to see what an impression our Barony made at

I would also like to add that William the Black won a Defender of Lyonesse
award and a Bear field Prowess award.  Raven's Thunder is very proud.


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>  Subject: Accolades
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>  To the Barony of Ravensfort, Baroness Ginevra Rodney sends Greetings:
>  I would like to commend your Barony of Ravensfort for the support the
>   gave to me at the Lyonesse event 4 March 2000.  You all introduced 
>  yourselves to me, offered me food, discussed books/authors, and shared
>  hospitality of your pavilion.  You all supported me when my fighter was
>  the field.
>  In other words, you made my day at the Lyonesse event a delightful memory
>  retain.

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