RF - Officers meeting this Thursday

Hunaric jyml at swbell.net
Mon Mar 13 22:23:27 PST 2000

Good seneschal and friend,

    As I will be at War, like a good little knight marshall, I will be unable to
attend the officer's meeting.  I shall do my best, along with the rest of our
Barony to cause our noble Barony's name to be remembered fondly from this and
all events. As for any business, I have none at this time other than to say all
of you will be in our hearts, yielding strength to our sword arms!

(P.S. thanks for putting my note outside on Sunday, it was appreciated!)

P.P.S. Please, some one get me the addy's and or #'s of our scribes, So I can
talk to them personally. I believe the Baroness is head of the guild?? If not,
forgive me, I'm still learning!


niklas at wt.net wrote:

> Greetings.....
> For those that are GW impaired.....(like me)
> The Officers and staff of the Barony of Ravens Fort will have their monthly
> meeting this Thursday at 7pm in the community room of Citizens Bank of New
> Waverly.
> If there is anyone that has business for the meeting, please contact me so I
> may place you on the agenda.
> Niklas

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