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>Greetings all,
>I'm afraid my membership has lapsed and I was hoping someone could tell me
about Southern Regional.  What is going on?  Who is it aimed at?
>In Service to The Dream,
>Genevieve the Gypsy


   This is Lord Arturus Gallenius Tiberius. Southern Regional is an event
being held at Raven's Fort. We are providing the site and privies. The other
BAronys of the Region are providing other parts to the event. The event is
held for a southern regional warlord for war. Usually the regional warlords
are chosen that lead the troops of that are to war like at Gulf war. But
instead the southern regioal warlord will be chosen in a tournement. The
northern region is the only other region that does this. It is a combined
effort of the region to come together and work together on an event for the
people of the region. The black star has an add in it. Hope that answers some
of your questions.

Wesley Gilbert(mundanly known)

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