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Kief av Kiersted sirkief at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 22 19:15:57 PST 2000

Heilsa all...

Niklas and Marius did write:

>I will fill the water barrels.  I also plan on helping with the set up of 
>and the such in the afternoon on Friday.
>You say they are bringing their own tent for troll... Will it get here to 
>set up early or will it arrive with them at 10:PM ??

Since we will be opening Gatekeepers I figured that we could use the same 
set up as used at BW&G.

Cool on the water barrels. Although I'm looking to have the new 210 gallon 
tank installed by then. I'll get with you on this...

>Pax,         Marius

>niklas at wt.net wrote:
> > Hi....
> >
> > Here is what we need to do to prepare the site for Southern Fest.....
> >
> > Most of the poles and t-posts are up, we will need to put the list field
> > ropes out and the yellow tape on Thurs or Friday.

Sounds good.

> > Spray for ants. Sir Keif, I need to speak with you about this.

I have the poison. Have made arrangements to get the sprayer next week to do 
the deed.

> > Clean out the kitchen so they can use it.

Would like to not only clean it out but finish some of the interior by then. 
As well move the range into the kitchen and hook up the propane...then test 
for function.

Something to think about. Possible animal residing under kitchen... Needs to 

> > Hang 2 large green tents and one white pavilion. They are brining a 
> > tent.

Still would rather use the set up as per BW&G.

> > I will need people to work troll from 4pm to @10pm. That is 3 shifts. 
> > contact me direct.

Put me down for all those shifts. Anyone want to assist?!

> >They are sending all paperwork, money, etc. We only need
> > supply the hot bodies.
> >
> > There will be some other items needed to be done on Friday. Watch here 
> > more info. Call me if any questions.
> >
> > I plan to take Friday off and be there early to put up ropes and tents 
> > place pots.

See you there.

> > More to come.....
> >
> > Niklas

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