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I was thinking about it and there are several things
that the books don't tell you...

Technically you get a 250 square feet per person
but if you camp with the Kingdom it takes 25 to 50
of those feet for common walk ways and the big tent
If we get really shorted for land (we always get
shorted but sometimes more than others) you will be
camping right next to and right in back of (with no space
in between) other people...

It takes 26 hours straight through
or longer if you stop to get to
the site...it is near New Castle
Pennsylvania...above Pittsburg

You have to have your ID with you or they won't
let you in the gate and you have to arrive by Midnight
Friday (the last friday of the War) or they won't
let you in the gate.

It can be over 90 degrees or under 30
so take clothes for all weathers
and lots of blankets...

There are over 300 merchants...take lots of money

You may be able to get in on a group food thing
but don't count on it...we've been doing more
of the food court thing every war...and so has most everyone else
only one or two of the food merchants stay open past midnight

Wednesday night is usually chili night...Ansteorra feeds the
world Chili...

There is a camp store on site and washers...and town is not
far away...

Pennsic is big and can be dangerous...not everyone is chivalrous
One night walking alone up the hill I was very lucky to not be drug off into 
the woods ( without my consent). Go to parties with
a buddy...it is more fun anyway

There are tons of classes...take at least one...

You have to attend class to waterbear...

You can have help finding a name or device at
heralds point with more resources in one place
other than the Heraldic Symposiums...

Pennsic can be overwhelming...it's so big...and everyone
seems to have a hat...or a peerage...

Sometimes people won't even acknowledge your presence if
you aren't a Baron or a Peer...
(no matter who you are running with)

Certian activities...even if they are listed in the event
Flyer are for Royalty only (all the Queen's Teas and Crown dinners)

Camps are not usually open all the time...and many have guards
Many you have to know someone in to beable to gain admittance on
nights other than Open Camp nights...

For one person if you pre-pay and live VERY frugally
not including cost of going up to War
you could get by on $250 or less...

It is REALLY easy to spend more


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