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It is spelled "Clan Cadhla Fitheach" which means warrior of the raven.  I 
understand it is a bit hard to spell, some clan members still have problems 
with it! Damn Celts!LOL


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>Subject: RF - FYI
>Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 18:31:38 -0600
>I have been hearing of rumors saying that I have claimed to be in a family, 
>This isn't true.. nor have I claimed that I was going to definately join 
>one. I have talked to Yoshi about joining Thunder... and I mentioned that I 
>have camped with members of  Amazons, and Clan (can never spell it) "Clay" 
>and still to the point that I was still very new to the whole SCA 
>organization.  I just recently applied for membership.. and name 
>registry... I'm now only inquiring about the families in our local barony.  
>I haven't even said I was going to join Thunder. These are all rumors.. or 
>if you're reading emails I have written.. try rereading them i still have 
>all of them on file. I never once said I belonged to any one particular 
>Please dismiss any rumors pertainig to this.  if any more queastions arise 
>come to me directly wolfsong at txucom.net  and I will be happy to supply you 
>with all the needed information you request.
>Thank you.
>       Alissa (Allie)

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