Hey Charlie....(was) RE: [Ravensfort] Sorry

Cathal SilAlmhain silalmhain at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 16:37:53 PDT 2001

--- Charley Atchley <Charley at lcc.net> wrote:
> >WE HAVE A TENOR!  Thanks, hmmm....Brother Cathal.
> >
> >dsd
> This is so cool. Mow we need a good Baritone, and we
> have the lead chanters.
> I still need chorus singers (moaners, screechers,
> whatever...) Cathal, Do
> you need a how to pronounce Latin guide? Are you
> going to be at populous on
> Thursday?

WHile I would love to be at populace tomorrow, I'm
afraid the drive from Brownsville is a bit
overwhelming.  I looked into flying, but the cost was

I think I have all of the latin correctly pronounced,
although there are a few things that I will need
correction on come defender.  I'm a quick study,
though, and I'm sure I will catch on to what latin
diciton I have forgotten and also onto the rythym that
you all are using.

Seeya then.

PS.  I hope to make it up one weekend in august for a
work weekend/fighter practice/see everybody/latin
practice/grab more stuff to move down here to
B-ville/whatever else I can fit in.  I will watch this
list to find out when an august work weekend is and
plan accordingly.

Cathal SilAlmhain
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"Fortune favors the bold."

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