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David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Thu Aug 9 15:10:31 PDT 2001

Another place in the Woodlands is Biba (somthingerother's).  It's at the new
"Disney World" strip center on your left headed south.  I think it is at
Tamania Rd.

Anyway, the atmosphere is really fun and could be romantic if Italian don't
make you gassy. They got the Pope room, the Cardinal room, the Italian clown
room, a vaulted room with Italian food label's plastered on the ceiling.
You can even eat in the kitchen.  Not one square inch of un-adorned wall
space.  The men's room decor is all about little boys peeing.  The women's
room is all Sophia Lorien (...er, so I here).  The food is great!  Every
entree serves 2-4 people (served family style only) and is about $12-$14 per
entree.  You get a full tour before they seat you.  They got gondola rides,
genuine Texan's with fake Italian accents singing Italian luv songs on a
genuine concrete canal.

With entree's, drinks, dessert and all you'll spend $40+ a person.  If you
wanna be cheap (no dessert, no drinks, one entree), you'll spend around $15
each.  Gondola is extra.

Overall, itsa really fun place to eat...


> Hey Fuzzy Breeks...
>   I know that Katrin likes German food a lot so I'd suggest that
> you try the Apenhause in the Woodlands.  It costs around $15-$20
> per person.  Out in the Woodlands ( I know it's a drive) there
> are a lot of choices.   In the Woodlands there's the Macaroni
> Grill (nice romantic atmosphere but it's Italian), the Apenhause
> (German food that I know she likes since she keeps telling me
> about the place), Red Lobster, Black Eyed Pea, Olive Garden, TGI
> Friday's (really noisy but good food), and a whole bunch of
> others that I can't think of right now...  I wish you the best of
> luck in your search!
> See ya later.
> Lorecia

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