[Ravensfort] Activities!!!

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 11 18:05:48 PDT 2001

Heilsa Finn and all other folk that read these words...

You did ask:

>If I recall correctly, there was supposed to be some sort of work going on
>weekend, but it conflicted (today) with Kaleb and Becky's wedding.  There
>also supposed be some gathering to watch the sky fall, right?
>Just wondering when we're supposed to be getting together, and when the
>table gathering is.

There were a few folks out at the site this morning. Some things got done
before Kaleb and Becky's nuptials. (There were a goodly number of people at
the wedding...!...and the food was *fantastic*...!) There are still people
at the site and there will be a keg of Shiner, home made Mead (from Kaleb),
more food, and music...! Good things for good people...! All on this list
are welcome...! (Bring a friend or two...we need new folks to sample Raven's
fort hospitality...!) I declare this gathering a "frith-stead" or
peace-place. I will personally refrain from any actions that break the peace
at this gathering. This is a time of fun and renewal...everyone is invited.
The sky-gazing will start after dark...'natch...and will continue until no
one is awake to see the stars fall. Moonrise will be around 12:45 to 1:00
a.m. The best time for seeing the star fall will be midnight and
after...although there will be several to see earlier.

Work on the site will continue tomorrow. We have five gallons of paint to
spread/spray, limbs to trim around the kitchen and the entry road, wood to
stack, and other things to do.

At the same time Zorcon and Jean-Michel will need three or four other good
Raven's Forters to assist in the building of more tables. More than 5-6
people at the table building is too many. First come first served...all
extra folk will be directed to the site for work day.

Fighter practice will be at the **site** at the regular time of 4:00 p.m.
Bring your armor!

Bring food and water and/or "drink" tonight and tomorrow if you wish...
Especially water tomorrow...!!

Both of these activities will commence as early in the morning as *you* can
get either to the site or Zork's garage.

NOTICE!!: Lord Balda the Hornswagalled has agreed to make the
counter-weights for the kitchen doors!!! Now anyone will be able to open
them with ease...!! *yay!*

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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