[Ravensfort] Serious response...was...bla! bla! bla!

AMH/DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 12 11:31:05 PDT 2001

What are you talking about ???  I'm not baiting you.  I am only stating facts.
Facts about you.  Not about the selection process.  I didn't even mention
that.  Please stick to the subject.

In service to the Barony,

Kief av Kiersted wrote:

> Heilsa to all peaceful and non-insulting Raven's Fort folk...and Mr. Doug
> LeJeune.
> You did post these words:
> *************************
> >From: AMH/DBLJ <orthart at earthlink.net>
> >To: <Ravensfort at ansteorra.org>
> >Subject: [Ravensfort] bla! bla! bla!
> >Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 23:57:34 -0500
> >
> >
> >Pax all good and true folk in Raven's Fort...and any others that read
> >these words.
> >
> >In response to Mr. Kief's letter of Tue, 31 Jul 2001 17:52:19 -0500.
> >I have replied to Mr. Kief via private post. Though the ten days of only
> >positive post that was called for are well past I will not disturb the
> >peace.  If anyone has reason to view my reply I will send you a copy.
> >Any and all can contact me at: orthart at earthlink.net.
> >
> >Or you can request of Mr. Kief a sending of his copy. His e-mail address
> >is:   sirkief at hotmail.com
> ****************************
> You, sir, are certainly trying to bait me into another "flame war". You
> state that you "will not disturb the peace". The words and tone of your
> letter belie your hollow pronouncements.  Given the adversarial and factious
> nature of all your dis-information and propaganda your latest jibes do not
> suprise me in the least.
> Mr. LeJeune, these letters are *not* a joke. You can address me either as
> Mr. Cockerham or as Sir Kief, you have abrogated your right to address me in
> any other manner. You have publically accused me of various types of
> malfeasance and misconduct. Yet you have never given any sort of proof to
> your accusations. I have not accused you of any misdeeds at all when I
> certainly could have. You have publically dragged my good name through the
> mud. You have insinuated both publically and privately that members of my
> family are less than honorable and worse. If any are wondering here exactly
> who I consider "my family" they are Jane Cockerham, Lorraine Yackey, and
> Kristopher Bills. Your snide asides are but noise in my ears, Mr. LeJeune.
> I, at least, am open and above board in my relationships with my loved ones.
> You did indeed post to me, and others, a private reply to the letter I sent
> to you, and others, in private. In your reply you still did not answer any
> of my questions nor clarify any of your statements about your continued
> participation in "Raven's Fort activities" in light of your avowed "extended
> vacation" from said "activities". Per your request your reply will not be
> posted in a public forum. Per your permission, any that ask to read your
> response I will send a copy. The letter that you replied to in this case was
> a response to one of your last public posts. I did not *publically* respond
> at the request of the Baron and Baronness of Raven's Fort per their call for
> a "peaceful list". I did, however, reserve the right to publically post my
> answer to your accusations and the call for my "removal" as site agent. I
> will post said letter in this public forum in the next few days. Your
> private response was certainly inadequate. Since your reply to my letter was
> private, my reply to it shall be private as well. As per your permission to
> disseminate your private reply; any individuals that request your post to me
> shall also receive my private response.
> You, sir, are a rabble rouser and malicious slinger of mud. You use pure
> emotional content aimed at provoking responses all out of proportion to the
> situation. You have catagorically refused to give out facts, hard data,
> names of alleged complaintants, nor offered any sort of proof as to your
> accusations. You may have noticed, if you did not "delete all SCA related
> letters", that I have responded well and truly to those people that have
> proven me in error or mistaken. To those that have "cleared the air" I have
> given my thanks and apologies for any offense nor do I hold them any ill
> will. All you have done is offered offense and cast aspersions. Your methods
> are quite transparent and your goal is discord. I oppose you sir, as well as
> any others of your ilk, and will continue to work for Baronial unity in the
> face of your attempts to sow chaos and distrust.
> You have called me a "damnable bully" for my strong stance on many issues.
> So be it. I have discovered that to "knuckle under" to your sort of tactics
> just reinforces the idea that, "if one casts enough unfounded aspersions and
> rumors long enough they become fact". I will not allow that to happen. If
> you can prove me wrong, sir, then do so.
> I call on you to publically retract your accusations in the face of your
> lack of any proof. I call on you to publically apologize for your insults to
> myself and my family.
> Wæs ?u Hæl in Tro? to Raven's Fort and Ansteorra...!
> Sir Kief "the damnable bully" of Raven's Fort
> "Better the Hammer than the nail..."
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