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AMH/DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 12 22:40:40 PDT 2001

Saint David,

I got your message much earlier tonight and I will honor your request as I
respect your wishes as my Baron.  I will not post again to kief until after you
have stepped down.  Perhaps you and Chrystal could help with some sort of line
of communication for us as I can't seem to get straight answers to simple
questions.  I hate to put you in this position but, hey, you volunteered for
your jobs.  I am really, really, really ready to move on to other more
important things.  Please help.


Kief av Kiersted wrote:

> Greetings to all good and true Raven's Forters...and Doug LeJeune.
> (This is the long overdue response to Mr. LeJeune's letter of 28 JUL 2001. I
> had refrained from posting this repy at the request of the Baron and
> Baronness of Raven's Fort to "keep the peace". Since the "peace" has been
> broken once more I will now answer Mr. LeJeune's *public* accusations and
> charges against me. This missive was originally composed and sent privately
> about two weeks ago.)
> Mr. LeJeune did compose and post the following diatribe:
> ***********************
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> To: charlotte epps <lizardkeep at hotmail.com>
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> Subject: Re: We were requested to forward this
> Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 21:53:15 -0500
> This evening I read the first part (far enough to confirm rumors ) of an
> email from
> Kief that was forwarded to me.
> **************************
> Typical, Mr. Lejeune is ignoring the whole of a thing to focus *only* on a
> small portion to "make his case"...and a twisted case it is. Please read on.
> **************************
>     It stated that I had fallen out of his grace and
> that I have lost my site privileges and must return my key.  Childish, but
> not a
> surprise.
> **************************
> Indeed...I think not. Nowhere did I state that you had fallen "out of (my)
> grace". I stated, "However, *if* you are serious about taking  an "extended
> vacation" from "Raven's Fort activities" you no longer have need of a key to
> access the site." The only reason that you ever had a key to access the site
> was because you were one of the few that did enough work at the site to
> warrant your keeping one. My reply was aimed at confirming your stated goal
> of non-participation. Since you have not in any way, shape, or form, denied
> your future non-participation in "Raven's Fort activities", your priviledge
> of keeping a key to the private property of the Dorrell and Rohe families
> has ended.
> You *must* return the key.
> **************************
>     Through the years I was told over and over again by Kief that as long as
> I keep
> working and improving the site that he had no problem with me coming out
> when ever
> I could.
> **************************
> That is absolutely correct. You did wonderous things during those years.
> Now, however, you have stated and *not* retracted your desire to end all
> participation in "Raven's Fort activities". Therefore, you are no longer
> "working and improving the site". Therefore, you no longer have access.
> You *must* return the key.
> **************************
>     At the spring event I was complimented by several individuals that the
> Rose Garden and Tavern had never looked better.  They were right.  I am
> proud to
> say that I had spent a great deal of time, money and effort on the site.  No
> one
> can deny that.
> **************************
> I would not even try and deny that the site looked great at the spring
> event. That was due to the efforts of *all* those folks that worked on the
> site...*not* just you. The Rose Garden and the Tavern looked fabulous, you
> did yeoman service on the event preparation. You were commended and thanked
> for you efforts.
> ***************************
>     Regardless of how hard I have worked, now that Kief is upset with me I
> am
> restricted from the site.
> **************************
> In practically every letter I have stated that Mr. LeJeune has *always* been
> a hard and diligent worker. You cannot deny that fact. The reason that I am
> "upset" with you is because of your hateful and false attacks on myself and
> my family.
> The reason that you are not allowed to have *special* access to the site is
> because of your desire to take an "extended vacation" from "Raven's Fort
> activities". You, because of your *own* words, no longer fit the criteria
> for having unlimited access to the site. You *are not* restricted from the
> site. Mr. LeJeune, you now must access the site like everyone else that
> isn't doing steady improvement there. You may access the site on *official*
> workdays and weekends, at *official* events and functions, or as an invited
> guest at any special gatherings the Barony have there. You no long have free
> rein as come and go as you please on the private property of the Dorrell and
> Rohe families.
> *************************
>     He is abusing his position as land agent to extract a
> personal revenge.  This is the exact type of dishonorable actions that I
> have been
> talking about in my recent emails.
> **************************
> Mr. LeJeune, if I want to extract "personal revenge" I will extract it in
> *my* own way, not through your "*alleged* abuse" of my position as land
> agent.
> My actions are far from being dishonorable. In fact they are certainly
> honorable. *You* did break the trust here. *You* did, by your own words,
> remove yourself from the class of "working members" of the Barony. I am
> holding you accountable to your promises of long ago and know with absolute
> certainty that I am taking the correct actions. What you seem to have
> forgotten, Mr. LeJeune, is that I am also in verbal contract, a gentleman's
> handshake agreement, with the land owners, those now deceased and those
> still living. I am looking out for *their* interests as well as those of the
> Barony. I state for the record that I have, am, and will require anyone that
> holds a key to the Stones site (save David Hoffpauir) to return it given
> just cause. The reason that David Hoffpauir is exempted is because he
> received one of the original keys to the Dorrell properties *before* he was
> part of the SCA.
> ***************************
>     If Kief persist on this self serving course of action I will have no
> choice but to
> officially request for the second time during the rein of Saint David and
> Chrystal
> that a new land agent be appointed to represent the SCA.
> ***************************
> You may *officially request* all that you wish.
> I will give everyone a bit of history here. I was never "appointed". The
> only reason that I am land agent is because the owners entrusted me with the
> upkeep of their property because I am their *neighbor*. Mr. Dorrell and Mr.
> Rohe have a gentleman's handshake agreement with the SCA through my good
> offices and name. They know and trust me to maintain and improve their
> property during the SCA's use of the property. I also work on their property
> during other times outside the SCA's use. Mr. LeJeune does not seem to grasp
> this simple set of facts. The reason that we are allowed to use these good
> folk's property and equipment is because I initiated the process and have
> maintained their trust for around 16 years. I cannot be "removed" nor anyone
> else "appointed".
> **************************
>     One that will hopefully
> be above lies, tantrums, bullying and extortion.  Saint David knows the land
> owners
> well and would be an excellent choice.
> **************************
> You have once more charged me with lying, "bullying" (read assault),
> *extortion*, and "tantrums" (read losing my temper). I say to you now that
> if you cannot prove all of these charges you are in serious danger of being
> taken to a court of law for slander and libel. I feel that you dare not
> expose your own private activities to the light of day and demand of you an
> immediate stop to the defamation of my character.
> **************************
>     Have a nice day,
> Marius
> **************************
> Most sincerely,
> Wæs ?u Hæl in Tro? and Fri?...!
> Kief av Kiersted -- Lee Cockerham
> "Better the Hammer than the nail..."
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