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Ld. Cedric Aeschere Einarsson fuzzybreeks at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 19:23:27 PDT 2001

DsD wrote :

Another place in the Woodlands is Biba (somthingerother's).  It's at
the new "Disney World" strip center on your left headed south.  I think
it is at Tamania Rd.

...You get a full tour before they seat you.  They got gondola rides,
genuine Texan's with fake Italian accents singing Italian luv songs on
a genuine concrete canal.

Hmmm...it had to come up eventually.

I wanna tell you a story. It's a real tear-jerker, so have a hanky

Once upon a time, I was driving back from the Woodlands and I looked
out the window to see . . .

. . . gondolas.

I was perplexed, amused, and instantly inspired. With one of my rare
dashes of romantic enthusiasm, I concocted a plan.

We were sitting on the couch watching some movie (yes, very
forgettable) when I casually mentioned "Y'know, I saw something neat
today. There's this place towards the Woodlands that has gondola rides.
Real gondolas on a canal, like in Venice. It looked really neat. Maybe
we should try them out."

The look on her face was a little confused, and then she said . . .

"Canals? Oh, you mean the flood control system."

The flight of romance went down like the Hindenburg. And the only thing
I could think to say was . . .

"Oh, yes. The moonlight shines so sweetly off the drainage ditches."

-- Cedric
-- God help me.

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