[Ravensfort] Re: [Westgate] Re: [Stargate] Houston, We have a Problem!

MGreene@mpan.com MGreene at mpan.com
Tue Aug 14 08:57:04 PDT 2001

Michael Silverhands said:
>I had no idea that we could do what you suggest... it's a *great* idea!
>Do you want to "ramrod" this with Pug, or would you rather someone else
handle it?

Thanks,...Pug and I discussed it already at a recent event, when he told me
about the DFW-Announce program that he set up, patterned after
Ansteorra-announce, to send to the specific lists in the Dallas-Ft.Worth
area.   I know the concept of how this process is designed to work, as the
idea was mine originally for Ansteorra-announce, but Pug has the technical
know-how to put it into action.   You guys can haggle over who puts the new
program utility into the Ansteorra server, but I figured I'd ask Pug to do
it, since he did the DFW-announce list, and can just clone the programming,
change the lists selected,etc.

Michael said:
>p.s. in the future, please don't just make up hypothetical email addresses
>"raven'sfort at ansteorra.org" and "LochSoilleir at ansteorra.org". It confused
>heck out of my email router when I attempted to "Reply all". :-)

Sorry about the type-o's on Ravensfort, and I did not realize that the Loch
did not have their own e-mail list, till after I had sent the missive.
While Raven's Fort is not part of the Coastal list, I was thinking they may
want to be a part of the 'Houston-Announce at ansteorra.org' mail delivery to
lists, as many of the members, especially in the Conroe area, are in the
near Houston area, and may want to participate in Houston area
activities...but, I have not heard from any of their membership.   We could
leave them off the delivery of any Houston area announcements, and add them
in later if they want to... along with Shadowlands, if they want, as well.


MGreene at mpan.com wrote:
> [snip]
> What say you all.. is there interests in
'Houston-Announce at ansteorra.org'??
> Hillary Greenslade
> (a subscriber to Coastal, Stargate and Westgate lists).

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