[Ravensfort] Re: [Westgate] Re: [Stargate] Houston, We have a Problem!

charlotte epps lizardkeep at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 14 20:49:06 PDT 2001

You wrote:
>While Raven's Fort is not part of the Coastal list, I was thinking they may
>want to be a part of the 'Houston-Announce at ansteorra.org' mail delivery to
>lists, as many of the members, especially in the Conroe area, are in the
>near Houston area, and may want to participate in Houston area
>activities...but, I have not heard from any of their membership.   We could
>leave them off the delivery of any Houston area announcements, and add them
>in later if they want to... along with Shadowlands, if they want, as well.

Even though I do not live in Conroe but in Huntsville I am most interested
in a such a list!

Gwynn the Lizardkeeper(a member of Raven's Fort)

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