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This is for your info. If you can think of some one who could use this info
please send it to them!

                                         Brian du Val   ;o)
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Subject: [Trf-coordinators] News and the next coordinator's meeting

Hi boys and girls!

Could someone please update me on contact information for Mama Cammie?

I would like to have another coordinator's meeting on Aug. 26th at 6pm at my
house.  For directions call 281.773.7922 or e-mail me.  If there is another
place that everyone would like to meet please let me know and I'll do what I
can to accomodate (Florida, Hawaii, and other places not very near Houston,
TX are not candidates ;)).  I can make the time a little later if we need to
but would like to give us some time for discussion.  Please let me know,
through e-mail or by phone (281.773.7922) whether you will be able to make
the meeting or not.  Since we have less than 2 months before opening I would
like to see everyone there.

Ld Beoan is planning on working at the compound this weekend and next
weekend.  There are a few repairs that need to be done as well as the
clean-up of the compound.  The final cleanup is currently scheduled for Sept

Lady Temair McFarland has graciously volunteered to repair the TRF wall
banners as well as create any new banners that are needed.  I am planning on
purchasing some new material for the bunting in the gatehouse unless we have
people who have some material that would work (I don't know exactly what the
length of the fabric should be, but at least 5 to 6 yards long).  Some black
and yellow material to drape along the back wall of the arena would be nice
as well.

HE David St. David was kind enough to send me the Pages he has already
edited together for the TRF web page.  I am planning on putting this page in
the space on Hotmail that this e-mail address is set up at,

My lady Caitlinn has created a few of the baldrics from fabric that was
donated by Ldy Seren and Ld Beoan.  She has three "short" baldrics and two
"long".  We need a total of twelve, so I'll try to do some fabric shopping
in the near future.  If anyone has some Ansteorran gold trigger (or yellow
triger) that they wish to contribute please let me know.  We can show the
baldrics at the coord. meeting.

In other news, Lady Tegan Gwyllt has volunteered for the Waterbearer
coordinator's position.  Thanks, Tegan.

This leaves us w/ the following slots still open; games coordinator, parade
coordinator, chivalric coordinator, heralds coordinator, and security
coordinator.  My two biggest concerns so far are chivalric and heralds,
followed closely by security and parade.  If you know anyone who is
interested, or might make a good candidate for these positions please let me

I am sorry that I won't be able to help out this weekend, but I should be
out at least Sunday of next weekend.

I will be visiting the barony of Bordermarch on Aug 23rd w/ Her Excellency
Stargate.  I'm planning on talking about the possibility of Bordermarch
sponsoring a weekend during their populace meeting.  I will let everyone
know what happened probably some time the next day or, at latest, the
coordinator's meeting.

Currently the only weekends that we have "nailed" down is Weekend 1
(Stargate) and Weekend 4 (Gate's Edge).  I am planning on getting in contact
with Loch Sollier, Westgate and others this week.

Once again I want to thank everyone for their support and hard work for
keeping the largest SCA demo going at TRF.

Gerald of Leesville
TRF liaison for 2001
trf_liaison at hotmail.com

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