[Ravensfort] Site tokens for Defender?

Berta Allen chrystal_dragon at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 15 21:28:03 PDT 2001

>From: Paul Gilbert <niklas at wt.net>
(message trimmed)
>Bottles are ordered, waiting for them to arrive.
>Need to get the piece of the post to make the splinters
>from and get status of other items for their
>construction updated.
>Such things as.....
>Certificates       Charlie
>Etching            Gwynn
>Post               John, Berta ??
We were to only use the post piece that Brian has. The one that I have in
our possession stays with the B&B regalia (historian purposes). ~rja

>Bottles            Paul
>Cords              ???
What type of material & what color(s)? Ribbon, string, what? Red, white &
black? Alternate colored pieces? I
may have some red, black, white ribbon (1/8th")...will
look & inventory it. ~rja

>Assembly           ???
I am available & would like to assist. ~rja

>Should be able to do in a couple of nights work.....
>I hope.

Holler when the rest of the material are together & I will inventory my
ribbon box & post something by this weekend.

HE Chrystal

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