[Ravensfort] Rocks and culverts and tractors...OH MY!

MysticZ lt1_z28 at swbell.net
Wed Aug 15 21:47:16 PDT 2001

Kief av Kiersted wrote:
> Heilsa all...
> Tomorrow, Thorsday the 16th of August, approximately 36 tons of stone will
> be delivered to the site. Along with a 22' x 12" culvert. Most all the stone
> will go on the driveway into the site. Several tons will be used to cover
> the culvert. If I have any left over I will try and place some in front of
> the kitchen and into the dips/holes in the road near the tavern.

Speaking of that, would we get in trouble for paving Swein camp with
bottle caps? Shouldn't take more than a couple of events to gather
enough ;)

Kief, did you get my e-mail earlier this week?
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