[Ravensfort] site/food/movies

charlotte epps lizardkeep at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 18 05:41:26 PDT 2001

Where: at the Stones
When: this saturday
What: site work, Zork Brewing and teaching, rapier folk poking at each
other,Hat Lunch try out & dinner, movies after sunset.
Who: everyone.  Tell your friends.

What will be brought:
Cecile and Buck will bring samples from the hat lunch (Tabouleh, Khir..).
I'll bring a large marinated pork loin  to BBQ with some Sigurd Special
Chipotle Sauce.
Zork and I will bring a table, a few chairs, brewing equipment, movie
showing equipment and movies.

What everybody can bring:
As many chairs and tables as possible as we are going try out the sitting
arrangement for the Hat Lunch by having dinner in the Rose Garden.
Food.  Bread, vegies, salads, fruits, stuff to grill, whatever strikes your
Obscure period movies, preferably on DVD.
Good humor.

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