[Ravensfort] Don Henri is alive & well...

Berta Allen chrystal_dragon at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 22 17:01:05 PDT 2001

This is for those that know Don Henri Molineaux (Jeff Girard), he emailed me
today (twice). My response has been trimmed out. Thought I would bring
everyone that knows him up to date with him. Contact me if interested in his
mailing address & phone #. Enjoy!
HE Chrystal

Email #1:
> >From: "Girard, Jeff" <jeff.girard at eds.com>
> >Subject: Heya girl!
> >Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 15:26:28 -0500
> >
> >How's it going? This is Henri! Thought I would drop you all a line and
> >how things are going. As you may, or may not, have heard Tracey, Brian
> >I
> >are in California. Long story on the hows and whys but suffice to say
> >things are looking better. Hopefully we will be moving back to Houston in
> >the (somewhat) near future. I have feelers out on getting a job back
> >so wish me luck. Tell everyone "Heya!" from me.
> >
> >BTW, California sucks.
> >
> >ps Did you ever get those spikes removed from your shoulder pads?
> >
> >Thank you,
> >Jeff Girard/Henri Molineaux
> >* jeff.girard at eds.com
Email #2
>From: "Girard, Jeff" <jeff.girard at eds.com>
>Subject: RE: Heya girl!
>Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 13:16:07 -0500
>Tracey and I were offically married in February in Reno. That was so that
>she and Brian could be added to my insurance. We are planning to have a
>'real' wedding when we get back to Texas so that all our friends can come.
>Rancho Cordova is a suburb of Sacramento. We live about 80 mles from Lake
>Tahoe, 100 miles from Reno, and approx 150 miles from San Francisco.
>Sacramento is small, about the size of Austin.
>I hadn't heard that Duck was going to be stationed at Ingleside. My parents
>live about 30 minutes away from there. When we move back, I'll see about
>getting together with him when I go down to their place for a visit.
>Anyway, let everyone know that we are alive and well. We miss everyone.
>Don't plan a welcome home party yet as I haven't gotten any bites on the
>resumes I have sent out. However, Tracey, Brian and I will be back for a
>visit in the fall. Alex (a friend of mine, J.R., Martin Blair, Stringer,
>Jim Ramsay) is getting married at the Ren Faire on Nov 3rd. I got my
>vacation approved last week for that time and we will be buying our airline
>tickets soon. Will spend some time with the parents, then head up to
>for a few days before and after the wedding.

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