[Ravensfort] table painting

Jeremy Meaux j_meaux at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 19:25:06 PDT 2001


as of today, wed 22nd, we now have 27 tables built.
This means that we are now ready to start painting
personal devices on the tables. We will start this on
Sunday the 26th. This may be the only day that we have
to do this due to time constraints. Thus, one and all
please make every possible effort to be at the lizard
keep this sunday at 11am. If this is not possible, you
need to get a copy of your device and name to me. This
is only for those that have paid for thier tables,
that's encouragement to all those needing to send
funds. Thanks to everyones hard work this is very near
to completion, so keep it up and i'll see you on
sunday at 11am.

i am

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