[Ravensfort] Shadowlands Demo

Jeff Watson noslots at tamu.edu
Thu Aug 23 08:08:23 PDT 2001

Hello people of Raven's Fort. The shadowlands is doing a annual demo at
the Texas A&M Memorial Student Center open house on Sunday Sept 2nd. We
have a information booth inside, but what we really need are fighters
for the section of land we have been given to use. We got the spot where
everyone walks in, and there will be ALOT of traffic. This is a big
recruitment thing for us, we get several new people from this demo every
year. Everyone is encouraged to come and demo their craft outside, and
of course harolds, marshals and water bearers would also be nice.

Anyone wanting to participate in this should email me Edric at
edric at edricsrose.com
or Krag at donhalter at cs.com
or reply directly to this list and we will get you more specific

Thank you for your support,

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