[Ravensfort] table painting days

Jeremy Meaux j_meaux at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 22:13:39 PDT 2001


as of today i am glad to say that all thirty tables
are accounted for. What we need now is everyone to
come out and paint their tables and help stain and
seal them. The days for painting and sealing are as

friday : after five
saturday: 12 noon
Sunday: 12 noon
Monday/labor day 2pm : HE Gwynn asks that everyone
bring your favorite meat for the grill on monday.

These are all the days we have left to get these done,
they will need to dry and cure to be done for
So far we only have a few people contact us on the
fact they cannot paint themselves. (Olivia i'll take
care of yours.) If you need help please contact me as
soon as possible. See every one soon, the tables are
almost done.

i am

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