[Ravensfort] Private Privy's for Defender, New Procedure

Paul Gilbert niklas at wt.net
Thu Aug 30 20:29:43 PDT 2001


In order to keep things straight, lets handle the personal privies like

Whomever wants a private privy (hehe, that rhymes) please make your
reservations thru Brian (John Rueter). He will have the costs of the privies.

John will need the following information......

1. Who is the reservation for (mundane and SCA name, address, phone number
or email address that is checked often).
2. Where it will go on site (please be detailed in it's placement location).
3. What kind (regular or handicapped).
4. Any special billing info.

All costs of private privies must be paid by the individuals in advance of
the event. The final date of payment will be determined by Brian.

Please get with Brian to make payment arrangements. The price of the
private privies may be different that the baronial, please check with Brian
about that. They will not be billed or reserved as part of the Baronial

It is also asked that once the private privies are placed in your camp,
that they please be clearly marked for private use by the residents of that
camp. This is to head off any problems or confusion of use and/or ownership.

Brian, reeve, seneschal, steward  and B&B's will need a list of who has
private privies so there will be no confusion at the event.

Brian, if the above is ok with you please let folks know how to reach you
for your methods of payment.

If you have any questions or suggestions, sing out. This is something we
have been needing to figure out so as to have a good system.

We need to keep the private privies and money separate from the baronial
stuff. Makes it much cleaner (???) <grin> this way.

Any questions, let us know.


For details on this thread see below.....................

Niklas wrote a few days ago............

Yes, Please handle Olivia's request. Perhaps she can also get the same rate
we do. It would be best if it was billed separately.

Thanks for handling this.

At 11:15 PM 8/29/01 -0500, Brian du Val:
>     Do you want me to arrange for some privat privies. If so Do you want me
>to handle the account out side of the SCA / Barony?
>                                             Brian   :o)

At 07:16 PM 8/30/01 -0700, Lorraine Deerslayer wrote:
>You need to notify the treasurer, the seneschal and the event
>steward...which you effectivly have by
>posting this to the list. Then I (the treasurer) will need to go research
>how much a single privey will
>cost. The afore mentioned group will confer (along with some of the other
>officers) and I or one of the other parties
>will mail you Saturday with further information and the cost....FYI it
>could cost from $60 to $80 dependant upon
>various fee increases from the rental place.  The money would be due one
>week before Defender, and upon recipt of
>the money, the person who is in charge of ordering prives will be told to
>order one more...
>   "Olivia G. Rodriguez" <ladyoliviar at lycos.com> wrote: Greetings unto all,
>I humbly ask, what channels should one navigate to obtain a private privy
>for Defender?
>Thank you,

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