[Ravensfort] weekend work

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 31 03:56:36 PDT 2001

Heilsa Mr. LeJeune...

You did write these letters:

AMH/DBLJ <orthart at earthlink.net> wrote: I do not see this weekend as a work
weekend on the Raven's Fort
> > newsletter calendar. Will the site be open all weekend ???
> >
> > Pax,
> > Marius

and in reply to Mistress Lorraine...

>kief said in one of his emails that I am not to call him.  I guess that I
>don't have access just like everyone else.

On the first letter:

My day and evening were very busy in fact I'm writing this reply at 5:52 am
having just finished 7 hours of tattoo work. I'm sorry that I did not send
you a timely reply on your first letter.

What days do you need access to the site? If needful I will leave the site
unlocked for everyone's / anyone's access all weekend. As long as there is
site work being done while folks are on site there is no problem.

Per the second letter:

Correct. I will not accept your calls. You can leave a message on my
answering machine, or as in this case contact me through e-mail. I thank you
for asking for site access.

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
Sir Kief
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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