ANST-Announce - Fighter Classes @ Northern Regional Tribute?

Carl Chipman cchipman at
Thu Jan 4 21:05:53 PST 2001

Sorry for the heavy cross-posting, but wanted to reach as many as possible.

The following is a quick query on behalf of the fighting coordinator of NRT 
and the Northern Regional Warlord.

What would the fighters like to do at this years Kingdom War College?

Would everybody just like to do lots of  crazy Melees?
Perhaps Gulf War practices (open field, resurrection, castle)?

Classes like "How to use a great sword in a melee!" or "How to maneuver a 
shield wall" or "How to fight Timo?" (last one just kidding although 
perhaps His current Majesty could oblige us on this.... )

Basically, what we want is a bunch of tired happy fighters we feel that 
they got a lot out of the college.  To do this, we'll need input on the 
front end (before the college) and just importantly input on the back end 
(HEY! don't go there) after the college.

Responses can be posted to the main Ansteorran list or to the Northern 
Regional List or to :

Sir Asoph (asophhearts at
Me (cchipman at

Sir Asoph will probably not read them as fast as I will, however :)

Ld. Jean Paul de Sens
Squire to Sir Asoph Hearts

Carl Chipman
Nomadics, Inc.
cchipman at
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