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Mon Jan 8 08:04:02 PST 2001

Unto the kind Populous of Ansteorra doth Lady Isabel FitzHugh send

12th Night is over and I have crawled out from underneath my covers to give
well deserved thanks to the hardworking people that made 12th Night happen. 
All misspelling of names is totally my fault.

HL Borek...words are just not enough to describe my gratitude for your help.
Lady Mary Elizabeth Wickham not only handled the feast reservations, but
also took charge of the Gate.  Lady Elspeth delt deftly with the merchants
and spent a great deal of time at the gate as well.  Special thanks go to
Countess Sara who graciously spelled the gate staff for many hours, Your
Excellency I am forever in your debt.

Lady Brigit and her wonderful dedicated kitchen staff (the Fray) , the feast
was Wonderful!  Many, many thanks go to them as well as the gentle that just
meandered into the kitchen to help for a while. Lord Philo and the serving
staff did an excellent job.  I am most gratefull.

HL Mireum and the C&I guild did fantastically beautiful invitations, which
were much appreciated by the recepients.  The Crown was fed by the gracious
Guliana (whose title has completely slipped my mind).  Lady Chiara Francesca
handled the web page and the banners for me.  Lady Christandt singlehandedly
made all of the tokens for the event.  Lord John Erwin, Lord Nathan Cameron,
Ldy Elspeth, Ldy Mary Elizabeth and HL Borek, Don Duncan and Don Benedict
for setting up the hall.

Duchess Willow, Duchess Larissa and HL Philip, I am speechless with the
quality of the dancing presented.  Dss Larissa's group was full of new
dancers that did exceptionally well, HL Philip's group presented a nice
change of pace, and Dss Willow's group was well worth the wait (superb!).

Then of course there are the gentle that volunteered to help at various
times and did numerous things whose names I just never knew (in most cases)
or forgot (in others).  The kind voice Herald that yell for me
occassionally, the gentles that stayed very late and helped clean up the
site (especially Katia, her Lord, Nula and her Lord).  Then there was the
wonderful gentle from Raven's Fort (he smokes a cigar) who was there
whenever I needed him and cheerfully hauled tables around all day.

I am sure that I have forgotten people who gave time, energy and effort to
the event, and I am deeply sorry.  If you were not named above, please do
not think that your contribution was valued any less.

Lastly, thank you to the Barony of the Steppes for allowing me to stretch my
wings and steward 12th Night.

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