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Berta Allen chrystal_dragon at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 10 16:44:18 PST 2001

FYI to cover a little more "ground" so to speak about Gulf War...
HE Chrystal

Greetings All,

I know that I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but I want to make 
sure that everyone knows the importance of pre-registration for Gulf War 
this year.

The only way that land is being allocated for kingdom camping is through 
pre-registration. If a person does not pre-register, that person does not 
get land reserved for them in the Ansteorran camping area. I know that this 
may sound harsh, but that's the it's being handled. I therefore can not 
stress enough the importance of pre-registration. If you plan to attend the 
war, please pre-register now. Pre-registration ends 1/21/01 so time is of 
the essence. You can find pre-registration forms on the Gulf Wars website 
(gulfwars.org) or in the Blackstar. I will be at Coronation with 
pre-registration forms to hand out.

Other information: I've been asked if there is a price break for children 
and the answer is yes. Kids aged 6 - 12 get in half priced, and children 
under 6 are free.

Help: I need a crew of about five people to stay late and help clean up the 
site. Both kingdoms are helping with set up and clean up this year. I 
already have a goodly sized crew for set up, but need help with clean up. If 
you can help, please contact me via email.

Thanks very much,

Sir Pendaran Glamorgan,
Gulf War Liaison
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