RF - Coronation and Stepping down of TRM Timotheos and Allyson

Paul Gilbert niklas at wt.net
Fri Jan 19 12:04:12 PST 2001

Greetings all,

Those that missed the stepping down of TRM Timotheos and Allyson missed a 
very touching ceremony and words by TRM's.

During their stepping down words, they gave praise to the Barony of Ravens 
Fort for their support of their reign and the folks that worked to make the 
reign effortless.

They gave out several well deserving awards to people that were part of 
their entourage or those that helped them maintain the Kingdom during their 
time on the throne.

In this message, I will address only those awards that went to members of 
the Barony of Ravens Fort that were part of TRM's Timotheos and Allyson's 
entourage. Others in the entourage also received awards. I would like it 
very much if someone that has the information as to who and what they 
received, would please post it, so all may know who did the hard work for 
Timotheos and Allyson.

The most touching award and one that received a standing ovation was the 
granting of an Augmentation of Arms to Master, Sir Keif. This will allow 
him to add to his device, symbols of the kingdoms arms (such as the Black 
Star). This is VERY seldom done and in recent history has been given to Sir 
Galen of Bristol.

Other Raven Forters given honors by TRM's Timotheos and Allyson.....

Lady Kezia was presented a Queens Glove by HM Allyson and then elevated to 
a Companion of the Star of Merit. An original scroll was presented to her 
that TRM's had commissioned that was done in an Arab theme with writing 
that had a very Arab flair to it. It was also a combined award scroll with 
the Queens Glove award and the Star of Merit being given on the same 
scroll. Now she is "Honorable Lady" Kezia.

Mistress Lorraine Deerslayer was presented a Queens Glove by Her Majesty 
Allyson. Well deserved for the hours of work and miles of travel that she 
performed to see that Her Majesty had what was needed and to be our "Pit 

Last there was me. However, let me first say, that MANY people from Ravens 
Fort and other places in the Kingdom participated in seeing that Timo and 
Allyson's reign went smoothly. And it did. We seldom wanted for help and if 
we did need it, all we had to do was ask and help came running from many 

The opportunity to have been Head of Entourage (for me) and Chief Lady in 
Waiting (for Kezia) was a chance that few will ever get. TRM's were Tim and 
Denny to us long before they became The King and Queen. We were helping 
friends see come true, a dream that they had. That friendship transcends 
all barriers, oaths of fealty and time frames.

We (Kezia and I) Thank with all out heart, everyone that worked on the 
reign. It was grand and we had a great crew.

I was presented by His Majesty Timotheos the Kings Gauntlet. I was honored 
to be given his right glove as he honored with being the right hand of the 
King. I thank him for that and I did not do it alone. Additionally, I was 
elevated by TRM's to a Champion of the Star of Merit. The scroll presented 
to me by TRM's Timotheos and Allyson was an original scroll that combined 
the two honors and was done in a Russian theme that included Russian text 
as the wording for the scroll. It was beautiful as was Kezia's.

It was one of the few times in my life that I could not speak.

Again, thank you for all the work everyone did. We had a great 
team.......and I got my truck back!!!!!

In Service....
HL Niklas Vasilevich CSM, KGA, Crane, ORH, AoA
Seneschal of The Barony of Ravens Fort

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