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LivingTru's Tiger tiger at jumpinghorse.net
Mon Jan 22 16:50:18 PST 2001

Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know....

My ICQ hasn't been working for sometime now that is why you haven't seen me
online at all (if you have ICQ)

I just wanted to let you all know that my time here in Texas is growing
short. As it looks I am leaving next week to go to Detroit for good. The
earliest day for departure would be Wednesday. And latest Friday... I plan
on flying up one way and then Jeremy and I are going to be driving back down
to move the rest of my things... if they need to be moved at all. I may just
decide that I don't need anything else from TX. *shrug*

Emily: I have tried to and at no avail to reach you... The table and the
matching plant stand are yours if you still want them.

James: The chair I left with you that weekend at TRF...you may keep it. I
won't have need for it. Or give it to Raven's Fort for the barony use.

Ron: I know I talked to you earlier about this... the date just moved on me
rather quickly.

I will email the phone numbers and things to you guys when I get them.
Jeremy is getting me a cell phone once I am up there because it will be
cheaper on me due to the long distance every where you turn :-)  he can only
call Rob's house locally. Everyone else although only 15-20 minutes away...
are long distance.

This email I am sending from... tiger at jumpinghorse.net
<mailto:tiger at jumpinghorse.net>  is my primary email. You can reach me here.
As for everything else... until I leave... for those of you who wish to
spend time with me... please let me know.

Ali: you mentioned this upcoming weekend about for a possibility...this is
still good for me if you still wish it.
Deb: No clue when I can see you next...
James: same with you... I don't know when or if I could see you again..
unless you chose to come to Houston for a few hours :-)

Raven's Fort: I don't know if I can see you guys again. I will already be in
Detroit by the time you have the populace meeting. So I wish you all well.

Carey/Connor: Aye!  I'll miss you. Very much. You have always been a
wonderful friend to me. We don't talk to often: Please keep in touch.

In  after all this

I love you all:

Lissa, Allie, etc.
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