RF - Bastide des Corbeaux Work Weekend

Hrafnhildr _ ravaenwlf at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 29 09:12:20 PST 2001

Heilsa All!

This weekend is Candlemas in Bryn Gwyld. The feastocrat, co-autocrat and I 
will be attending this one day event.

However come bright and happily early on Sunday morning we will be out at 
the site to arrange last minute site details for the event. We have a bit of 
work that needs to be done, so all help will be appreciated.

I will spring for kolaches and donuts again for all who show up. (BYOD-bring 
your own drinks!)
Please come to help and stay to play.

If the Knight Marshal agrees, perhaps fighter practice can be moved to the 

With everyone's help I know that the work can be accomplished as quickly as 
it was last time. That will leave everyone plenty of time to clean up 
personal camp spaces and socialize!

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible come Sunday.
Shall we say 12 noon again?!

Ldy Hrafnhildr Ulfsdottir
mka Jennifer Simpson
humble autocrat for BDC
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