RF - Current camp list for GW

David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Mon Jan 29 11:27:47 PST 2001

We're up to 40 for our camp total.  Check out the list and lemme know if
you are missing.  This is going in soon.

Also, Key Connor has offered up a 16x22 pavilion for common space (would
beat the 8x8 roving can pile we had last year).  Lemme know if we are
interested.  We'd haveta work out transport on it.


Raven's Fort

Vladamir (Bubba Vlad)
Kief av Kiersted

Clan Cahla

Hunaric of Clan Cahla
Leovigild of Clan Cahla
Lucius of Clan Cahla
Fox of Clan Cahla
Azalais of Clan Cahla
Dominic of Clan Cahla
Balda of Clan Cahla
HE Timotheus of Clan Cahla
Skiann of Clan Cahla
HE David St. David (sigh) of Clan Cahal

Amazon Household

HE Allyson of the Amazons
HE Lorraine of the Amazons
HE Jan - Jan Van Zandt
Lady Corrine - Michelle Dehmer
Havalina of the Amazons
Deb from Rockport
Temair - Peggy Gill
Gillianne - Carolyn Armstrong

Blacktide/ Rhoad

Duncan - Hoyt Poling
Sir Corwin - Corey Van Zandt
Lord Khael - Mike Die
Lord Anton - Anthony Partin
Lord Evets - Steve Forrester (arriving Thurs.)
Lady Aleksandra - Melinda Forrester (arriving Thursday)
Lord Anghais - Trace Brooks

Deborah - Debbie Krogsgaard
Tan Shalos - Jamal Mason
Julie - Julie Pevehouse
Michelle - Michelle Robinson
Wiglaf - Casey Thorpe
Shalyn - Shane Malatek
Siobhan - Chris Gransden

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