RF - Bastide des Corbeaux Work Weekend

Hrafnhildr _ ravaenwlf at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 30 19:17:11 PST 2001


HL Niklas did say:

>What needs to be done this weekend????

Well HL Niklas, I believe the folks to best answer that question would be 
Sir Kief and HE Brian. They had spoken at length about placing some tent 
stakes and poles up at the last site work day. I believe we also need to 
replace the poles out by the parking area. Sir Kief will know what else 
needs to be accomplished.

Then the only other thing I can think of to be done is general pick up of 
the entire site to assure it looks tidy and inviting. The final preparations 
for the event will be concluded (hopefully) the Thursday before and that 
Friday before gate opens.

I would like very much to see this event well prepared BEFORE guests begin 
to arrive. I want VERY few last minute preps before morning court on 
Saturday!! *grin*

And I would just like to repeat that I will be well appreciative of 
EVERYONE's assistance in helping me see this event to an excellent fruition!

Ldy Hrafnhildr Ulfsdottir
mka Jennifer Simpson
event steard for the Bastide des Corbeaux
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