RF - Bastide des Corbeaux Work Weekend

Paul Gilbert niklas at wt.net
Tue Jan 30 20:12:00 PST 2001

Sounds good, I plan to be there.

What time are we to assemble at the site?


At 09:17 PM 1/30/01 -0600, you wrote:
>HL Niklas did say:
>>What needs to be done this weekend????
>Well HL Niklas, I believe the folks to best answer that question would be 
>Sir Kief and HE Brian. They had spoken at length about placing some tent 
>stakes and poles up at the last site work day. I believe we also need to 
>replace the poles out by the parking area. Sir Kief will know what else 
>needs to be accomplished.
>Then the only other thing I can think of to be done is general pick up of 
>the entire site to assure it looks tidy and inviting. The final 
>preparations for the event will be concluded (hopefully) the Thursday 
>before and that Friday before gate opens.
>I would like very much to see this event well prepared BEFORE guests begin 
>to arrive. I want VERY few last minute preps before morning court on 
>Saturday!! *grin*
>And I would just like to repeat that I will be well appreciative of 
>EVERYONE's assistance in helping me see this event to an excellent fruition!
>Ldy Hrafnhildr Ulfsdottir
>mka Jennifer Simpson
>event steard for the Bastide des Corbeaux
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